Employment Opportunities for our Residents.

Farming....Residents will have the opportunity to work with a small herd of goats, and well as learn honey making.

Gardening.... The ranch will have its own gardens to ensure a healthy diet as well as work opportunities for residents. The Ranch will also host a weekly Farmers' Market where surrounding communities will be able to purchase fresh produce, honey and goat's milk.

Soap Making..... Using our own goats' milk and honey, residents will learn the art of making soap, which will be sold on our e-commerce site.

Rubber Stamps Making.... Expert rubber stamp makers will teach residents the skills needed to make and assemble rubber stamps. These will include art stamps to be sold to craft stores as well as on our e-commerce site.

Craft Items.... Crafting is both easy, relaxing and productive. Residents will make a variety of craft items to be sold at craft shows, the Farmer's Market, and on the website.

Our First Residents

Residents with good living skills will live independently in small 2 person furnished cottages. 

They will have a shared bedroom, small kitchen for preparing light snacks and drinks, a bathroom and living room with cable TV. 

Computers will be available to them in the media room. Staff will make regular house checks during the evening and night.

Residents who need more help with living skills will reside in larger cottages with staff member who also resides in the cottage to assist with their needs.

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