Our Future

As we grow and expand, Bigger Dreams will include a residential section for young retirees. People who have had successful careers in teaching, farming, nursing etc. but still have a lot to offer. They will live in a separate village atmosphere on the ranch, in individual cottages, and assist in all areas of the ranch....supervising and teaching job skills in all areas....farming, gardening and landscaping, light manufacturing and food service. This village will also be available to parents of residents who wish to live near their children, but not with them.

Residents of the retirement village are welcome to dine in the central dining room with the staff and younger residents, attend movie nights in the media room, all while living independent and productive lives.

Retreat Village..... We intend to add a retreat area on the ranch that will be available to groups and corporations for retreat weekends. We intend to build dormitory style accommodation, with a separate building for classrooms. The retreat section of the ranch will also serve as a summer camp for children with special needs.